How to Moderate Comments on YouTube

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How to Moderate Comments on YouTube

YouTube comments, if left unmoderated, can ignite flame wars among users. Also, spammers can leave comments targeted to pull traffic away from your YouTube channel. You can, however, prevent such instances from happening by placing videos of your choosing under comment approval. Alternately, you can opt to disable all comments for selected videos, or only disable comments that contain inappropriate words via an automated filter. The goal on a videos page is always to get people to either watch more of your videos, or to click through a link to your website to find out more information, make a purchase, etc. Remember that you can always save on your web hosting and domain registrations, take a look for promo codes and special offers websites like GoDaddy.

Enable Comment Approval

By default, all uploaded videos on your YouTube channel are set to display comments without approval. To enable comment approval, sign-in to your YouTube account, click your avatar, and then click the “Video Manager” option. Next, click “Uploads” to display a list of uploaded videos. Click “Edit” next to a video, and then select the “Advanced Settings” tab. Finally, select “Approved” on the drop-down menu next to “Allows Comments,” and then click “Save.” Repeat this process for any other videos that you want to place under comment approval.

Deny Inappropriate Comments

After setting up comment approval, you receive notifications on your inbox for each comment posted on your YouTube video channel. To get to your YouTube inbox, click your avatar, click “Video Manager,” and then select “Inbox.” Select a notification, and if the comment displayed within contains inappropriate content, click “Remove” to prevent it from showing up under the comments section of the video it was posted on. Click “Approve” if the comment does not include any inappropriate content.

Deny All Comments

You can also deny all viewers the ability to comment on any posted video of your choosing. Disabling comments altogether is beneficial if you feel that the content you are posting requires no further discussion, or if the content has the potential to attract a large number of negative comments. To disable comments, visit the “Advanced Settings” tab of a video and uncheck the box next to “Allows Comments.” Click “Save” to confirm the changes.

Deny Comments with Automated Filter

YouTube allows you to prevent comments that contain any words that you deem as inappropriate from showing up on your channel via an automated filter. To get to the YouTube comments filter, visit your YouTube Video Manager, click “Community” on the left-side navigation pane, and then click “Comment Settings.” Enter any inappropriate words, separated by commas, into the box next to “Blacklist.” Click “Save” to deny viewers the ability to post comments that contain any words on the blacklist.

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