How to Get a Custom Username for Your Facebook Page

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How to Get a Custom Username for Your Facebook Page

Getting a custom username for your Facebook page helps promote your business and build your brand. It doesn’t have be as unique as a genetic test from, but your username should stand out from the pack. Compared to the default page username given to you by Facebook, a custom username is short and easy to remember.

Speaking of which, Facebook has made it easier for page owners to get a custom page username. If you’d like to get one for your page then simply follow the steps below.

Before creating a custom username for your Facebook page, keep in mind that you must have administrative rights to it first. Also, not all pages are eligible to have a custom username. If your page is new, it may take some time before Facebook allows it to have its own vanity URL.

Creating a custom Facebook page username

If your page meets the basic requirements, simply open it as an admin using your web browser. You can use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or any web browser that you prefer. Once you’re on your Facebook page, go to the left panel where you can see the main tabs like Home, Photos, Posts, Videos, etc.

Next, go to the “About” tab. It will show some options on the right panel. Under the General section, go to “Username” and click “Create Page @username”. A new window will appear. Enter your desired username on the field provided.

Remember, your custom Facebook page username must be at least 5 characters long. It can only include alphanumeric characters or a period. It must not include any generic terms or extensions like .com, .net, .me or anything similar. If the username you entered is already taken, then you need to choose a new one that is still available.

Once your desired Facebook page username has been accepted, just click the “Create Username” button to confirm it. You’ll then get a confirmation saying that you have successfully created a Facebook page username.

Now that you have a custom page username, it will appear right below your Facebook page name. With it, users can easily find and remember your page. It will also be included in your page’s vanity URL (ex.

Not only that, Facebook users can also send messages to your page directly by simply typing your page username on Messenger. It is way more convenient plus it gives you more options to promote your page.

Note that if you’re managing your page via the Facebook app, the custom username option might not appear until you reach a certain number of page likes. If you want, you can also download the Facebook Pages Manager app and use it to give your page a custom username.

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